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  • Joe McCassie
    General Manager

  • Brian Roberts
    General Sales Manager

    About Me:


    Background: While spending most of my life in the Millbury/Sutton area. I now reside in Sturbidge with my lovely wife Lydia and my two wonderful children, Gabriel and Anna. When not at work, with my family is where I like to be. I thoroughly enjoy sports, food, and outdoor activities. The occasional dead-lift session is not so bad either. Life is full of twist and turns and I am grateful for the path that has led me to Lux Auto Plus. Being able to lead this team has been a huge blessing and I look forward to our future together!   

    What I love the most about my jobGrowing up I always knew I was a people person. I always liked being a part of a team. Playing sports was an amazing part of my life due to that fact. Building off each other, learning and growing together. I've always believed that your only as good as the people you surround yourself with. That is why I am fired up to come to work everyday. This team is the best of the best. Each and everyday we get better, and stronger as a unit. With the same common goal, to not just sell vehicles.. but to build relationships!

     Fun Facts

    Favorite Hobbie: though not very good at it, I enjoy shooting my bow and arrow 

  • Vinny Licio
    Business Manager

  • Eric Poirier
    Internet Manager

    About Me:


    Backround: Growing up I was raised on a 300 acre Farm in Hampden County Massachusetts. As a kid I enjoyed Dirtbiking, Offroading, Hunting and most of all, art. I attended Tantasqua School district for 2 years until I unerolled and enrolled into an early college program in Gardner Ma, where I got my diploma and associates degree. I now reside in Worcester Ma and still enjoy doing all the same things now as I did as a kid.      

    What I love the most about my job: Cars has always been a major thing in life, from buying and modifying them , to showing them, photographing them and attending car shows all over North America and Canada. Being able to work around cars all day is a dream come true and being able to work online and doing web/graphic design is just another bonus. Combined my loves for cars and art, I couldn't have chosen a better dream job.   

     Fun Facts

    Favorite Hobbies: Hunting, photography, Harley's, Cars, Drawing   

    Favorite Movie: Lawless

    Favorite band: Guns up, Shipwreck A.d, Guwap 

    Nick Name: EP

  • Kyle Pouliot
    Inventory Manager

  • Dan McNulty
    Guest Relations

  • Ken Farrell
    Guest Relations

    Background: I spent most of youth in Sturbridge MA. I attended Tantasqua Regional High School where I excelled in the theatre department as well as in a variety of academic subjects. I then spent some time at Massbay Community College working on a degree in Communications with a focus on Intercultural Communications. I found LuxAutoPlus while shopping for the first car I financed. A few months after I bought my car I received a call from my Salesman asking if I would like to come work there. I was very excited to be a part of the team that had helped me and so many other people. Working at LuxAutoPlus has been a huge blessing for me. It has allowed me to provide a bright future for my daughter who is the most important thing in the world to me.


    What I  Love Most About my Job: I love that I have an opportunity to actually help people. I know first hand how hard it can be to have a bad car and no car at all. It limits people in where they can live, where they can work, where they can go for child care, and many other things. An affordable and reliable vehicle can be and very often is a life changing thing. I love that I can help people open bright new chapters in their lives.


    Fun facts:


    Place I'd Like to Visit Most: Longphort Ui' Fhearghail, Ireland


    Favorite TV Show: Rick and Morty


    Favorite Movie: Casino


    Favorite Band: Pink Floyd 



  • William Ford
    Guest Relations

    About Me:


    Backround: Nothing could have beat growing up in Worcester County as a kid.  Between sports, snowmobiling and snowboarding up in the White mountains or locally at Wachusett, my childhood had very few dull moments!  At 20 I decided to keep the fun going and hopped in my car to drive cross country in my move to Wine Country California.  I lived there all thru my 20's working in the service industry tending bar and living the California dream.  After my older sisters blessed me with a couple nieces and nephews it was time to hop back in my "CAH" and head home.  Before I knew it i saw the "entering worcester" sign and here I am, helping wonderful people get into beautiful vehicles!

    what i love the most about my job: Changing peoples opinions on the car sales process every day for the better.  Having my customer leave feeling well-versed and confident with their new purchase, most importantly with a huge smile gives me a true sense of accomplishment.

     Fun Facts

    Place I'd love to live: Bora Bora

    Favorite Movie: Boondock Saints

    Favorite band: Nahko and Medicine for the People 

    Nick Name: Model-T

  • Bill Mish
    Guest Relations

  • Michael Roberts
    Guest Relations

    About Me:


    Background: I Grew up in Auburn for most of my life.I graduated from Auburn High in 2000 and played football, baseball and Golf. I couldn't have grown up in a better town.

    When I was in my early 20's I took off for Florida and started a roofing business from the ground up which I did for 8 years "Best move I ever made" When the Construction and housing market crashed in 2008 that's when I fell into the car business.. and what a blessing it was. I never thought this business would be so fulfilling, I wish I did it 20 years ago. 

    After starting a family it was time to move home with my kids and there was no doubt where I would live "Auburn MA"  

    what i love the most about my job: Living and selling cars in your home town is great! I didn't get the full enjoyment of living and working in Florida. There is nothing better than helping and taking care of your friends and family. At the same time making new friends through customers and referrals from everyone I've helped along the way. Being in the area for so long most of the people that come through the door I know or know someone who is acquainted with them. That's why I work here, real people that are not just a number and neither am I. 

     Fun Facts

    Favorite Hobbie: Playing golf, softball and poker

  • Brad Ferris
    Guest Relations

    About Me:

    Backround: Originally from Worcester, my family and I moved to Southbridge area in the mid 1980's. I did go back to Worcester for high school at Holy Name until I graduated in 1999. After Holy Name, I decided to start my career path by heading down to Rhode Island to go to Johnson & Wales University majoring in Culinary Arts. What an exciting and demanding experience! I was able to live in Aspen, CO and Maui, HI all for the love of food! I did decide to move back to town and I plan to stay. Southern Worcester County definitely has its charm.  

    After 15 years in the culinary field, I decided to move into the sales industry because I felt I have the talent to help people and also have them have a little fun along the way. I now choose to work at LuxAuto for that exact reason. I've worked in other dealerships in the Boston area, but now being able to sell to my family and those in the local area is going to give me a satisfaction above no other.

    Favorite Activities: I am involved in both beach volleyball and 9-Ball pool leagues. I was actually able to get to be in a tournament in Las Vegas in 2017 for pool.
    Favorite Food: B.B.Q
    Favorite T.V Shows: Billions, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones  

At Lux Auto Plus we take this business seriously, and we remain committed to our customers after years of operation. We don't just want to sell you a great car, we want to provide peace of mind. We can also get you financed whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit at all. From our Auburn location, we serve all the surrounding areas including Worcester and Central MA. You can count on our friendly staff to give you great customer service every time, and we can't wait to get to work for you.