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Joe McCassie
General Manager

About me: 

Originally from Central MA, I now reside in a neighboring town to Auburn in Oxford MA. I am the proud father of 4 children. I enjoy working, the outdoors, fishing, boating, camping, riding motorcycles and spending time with my family.
 In 1989, I entered the car business and started working my way up from the bottom from some of the largest franchised car dealerships on the east coast. Years later after watching how things were ran in so many dealerships and how the owners and higher ups were more concerned with lining their pockets rather than helping their customers I decided it was time for a change. After more than two decades of success at my stores, the car business was changing and so was I.  I opened my first used retail location in 2015 here in Auburn, Lux Auto Plus.  Right near where I was born and raised, and in the community I reside in today. I made the major life changing move to change the mold and stereo types of the car business, to help the people to provide all my car knowledge, to provide my skills to fight the banks to get everyone the loan they deserve, to provide the quality treatment each and every person deserves and most of all to provide a difference. After four years Lux Auto continues to grow bigger and better with each day with more and more people helped. I have purchased more franchises including additional dealerships across New England to help spread the Lux Auto Plus way, a dealership with integrity. 

Brian Roberts

About Me:


Background: While spending most of my life in the Millbury/Sutton area. I now reside in Sturbidge with my lovely wife Lydia and my two wonderful children, Gabriel and Anna. When not at work, with my family is where I like to be. I thoroughly enjoy sports, food, and outdoor activities. The occasional dead-lift session is not so bad either. Life is full of twist and turns and I am grateful for the path that has led me to Lux Auto Plus. Being able to lead this team has been a huge blessing and I look forward to our future together!   

What I love the most about my jobGrowing up I always knew I was a people person. I always liked being a part of a team. Playing sports was an amazing part of my life due to that fact. Building off each other, learning and growing together. I've always believed that your only as good as the people you surround yourself with. That is why I am fired up to come to work everyday. This team is the best of the best. Each and everyday we get better, and stronger as a unit. With the same common goal, to not just sell vehicles.. but to build relationships!

 Fun Facts

Favorite Hobbie: though not very good at it, I enjoy shooting my bow and arrow 

Vinny Licio
Business Manager

About me:

I was born and raised in the city of Goiania, Brazil. My family moved to the US in 1998 to Worcester, where I spent most of my early years up until high school. I currently reside in Rutland, MA with my beatiful wife and two dogs.

I've always had a passion for cars and motorcycles and everything having to do with them. My family and friends always joke that I've never been able to keep anything stock. Selling cars and being around cars just felt like the natural thing to do. After spending a few years working in retail and banking, I was given the opportunity to enter the sales field and haven't looked back since! I love the car business and love what I do. I truly enjoy being able to help people and have fun while doing it. That's what sets us apart here at Lux. I'm thankful to be able to come to work every day and be a part of a team that makes a difference.

Favorite Food: Brazilian BBQ

Favorite Shows: Peaky Blinders, Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy

Places I want to visit: Bora Bora, Italy, Spain

Eric Poirier
Internet Manager

About Me:


Backround: Growing up I was raised on a 300 acre Farm in Hampden County Massachusetts. As a kid I enjoyed Dirtbiking, Offroading, Hunting and most of all, art. I attended Tantasqua School district for 2 years until I unerolled and enrolled into an early college program in Gardner Ma, where I got my diploma and associates degree. I now reside in Worcester Ma and still enjoy doing all the same things now as I did as a kid.      

What I love the most about my job: Cars has always been a major thing in life, from buying and modifying them , to showing them, photographing them and attending car shows all over North America and Canada. Being able to work around cars all day is a dream come true and being able to work online and doing web/graphic design is just another bonus. Combined my loves for cars and art, I couldn't have chosen a better dream job.   

 Fun Facts

Favorite Hobbies: Hunting,  Harley's, Cars, Drawing, Photography,

Favorite Movie: Lawless, Mad Max

Nick Name: EP

Dan Cronin
Guest Relations

Bob Kimball
Guest Relations

Connor Davis
Guest Relations

Daniel Dubay
Guest Relations



Sanel Causevic
Service Manager

Tommy Lynds
Service Advisor

I like hellcats and 50 cent.

Kyle Pouliot
Parts Manager

Tyler Julian

At Lux Auto Plus we take this business seriously, and we remain committed to our customers after years of operation. We don't just want to sell you a great car, we want to provide peace of mind. We can also get you financed whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit at all. From our Auburn location, we serve all the surrounding areas including Worcester and Central MA. You can count on our friendly staff to give you great customer service every time, and we can't wait to get to work for you.